Facilisgroup’ s vision is to be the industry leader in digital commerce providing a combination of integrated products that offer the full suite of technology required for entrepreneurial businesses to grow and professionalise.

Established in 2004 and acquired by The Pebble Group in December 2018, Facilisgroup provides a SaaS-based platform to support the operations of SME promotional product distributors based in the United States and Canada. Facilisgroup has built a community of over 200 SME promotional product distributors and over 100 preferred suppliers in North America and in the year ended 31 December 2022 processed over $1.40 billion of sales (2021: $1.15 billion) in the promotional products sector. A typical Facilisgroup Partner generates between $2 million and $20 million of annual sales through our technology.

Facilisgroup generates revenue through three main pillars: subscriptions from technology, fees for supply chain management and community events.

Facilisgroup’s Syncore proprietary software, developed in-house, is provided as an end-to-end SaaS business platform. The Syncore system provides tools for business management and analysis and is designed to streamline processes and increase productivity for promotional products distributors. The Syncore software covers CRM and sales management, order processing, invoicing, real-time reporting and a white labelled, managed, product website, which can be branded for each Partner and its sales teams.

In 2022, Facilisgroup launched Commercio, a new product that provides distributors with the opportunity to deploy and operate online stores, a key selling tool for Partners and many entrepreneurial businesses in the sector.

By processing a substantial volume of orders, Facilisgroup consolidates the buying power of its Partners and provides them with favourable pricing arrangements from its preferred suppliers.

Facilisgroup hosts community events for its Partners and suppliers in order to support learning and networking opportunities. The community events include conferences and consultancy workshops, which offer best practice learning and help Partners to professionalise their businesses through sales and management training. These events also enable suppliers to showcase their products, providing Partners and suppliers with an opportunity to network and develop business opportunities. The community events enable Partners to benefit both from the support of fellow Partners in the Facilisgroup network and from training, whilst still retaining business ownership and independence.