The Pebble Group

Digital commerce, products and related services to the Global promotional products industry.


Our vision is to be the industry leader in digital commerce providing a combination of integrated products that offer the full suite of technology required for entrepreneurial businesses to grow and professionalise.

Brand Addition

Our vision is to be the industry leader in providing products and related services, under contract, to the best-known brands in the world that use promotional products as a key engagement tool.

The Pebble Group has a proven track record of delivering strong organic growth, as well as growth through acquisition. The Group’s strategy is to continue its profitable growth in the following ways:

Organic growth opportunities

Brand Addition

Win, grow, retain, repeat

Attracting clients.png Attracting additional client contracts
Growth.png Growth within existing clients



Increasing partner services.png

Attracting additional Partners

Increasing Partner Services

Expansion of digital commerce platform and related services


Brand Addition

Brand Addition continues to increase the number of clients to whom it provides services.

Increase spend from existing clients – Brand Addition has grown the level of spend from its existing client base. By building the trust of clients through the successful fulfilment of expectations, Brand Addition is able to create new business opportunities by extending those relationships into new geographies, as well as by increasing its market share of existing client business in Europe, the US and Asia.



Attract additional Partners – Facilisgroup has consistently grown the number of Partners that use its proprietary software, through a combination of technology, supply chain power and community events, and the Directors believe that they can continue to deliver such Partner growth.

Increase the number of services offered to Partners – In addition to the current services offered to Partners, Facilisgroup is considering additional service offerings in the form of other consolidated spend areas and value-added services. Facilisgroup is considering a number of other opportunities with a view to taking advantage of its strong industry position and the highly fragmented global market.

Expansion of addressable market through the development of an ecommerce platform.

Selective consideration of acquisitions by the Group

In addition to delivering organic growth, the Group’s management has a track record of successfully identifying and executing acquisitions which have added significant value to The Pebble Group. The Directors believe that, as a result of their depth of knowledge of the promotional products market, they may identify further opportunities to grow the business through acquisitions which complement the Group’s offering in the US and in Europe.