Brand Addition’s vision is to be the industry leader in providing products and related services, under contract, to the best-known brands in the world that use promotional products as a key engagement tool.

Since 2010, Brand Addition has grown to become a market leader in delivering promotional products and related services that help the world's most recognisable brands build culture, awareness and meaningful connections. Brand Addition designs creative and sustainable products and product ranges, hosts client branded ecommerce platforms, and provides international sourcing and distribution solutions throughout Europe, North America and Asia. It utilises its global network to ethically source and deliver complex and creative product solutions. Headquartered in Manchester it has locations in Europe, the US and Asia.

Brand Addition provides promotional products to its clients across its two main offerings: Corporate Programmes and Consumer Promotions.

Brand Addition provides products, supported by a suite of complex services, to develop stock ranges of promotional products for its global clients, in order to enable the promotion of their brands and generate additional revenue streams. Typical Corporate Programme clients are engaged on three to five-year framework contracts. Brand Addition designs and manages the sampling process and sources compliant, ethically manufactured products, predominantly through China, Europe and North America. Brand Addition identifies and manages the critical compliance processes of its principal suppliers and then manages the quality control process from sampling to distribution either directly from supplier to client or to Brand Addition’s warehousing facilities in the UK, Europe, the USA and China.

Brand Addition often holds the inventory of products on behalf of its clients, who draw on the stock over time. The sale of this stock is predominantly underwritten by Brand Addition’s clients in the event of brand changes or contracts ending.

Brand Addition designs, maintains and hosts client-branded global, multi-lingual, multi-currency web stores, which can be integrated into a client’s internal procurement systems. Products can be ordered through these Brand Addition hosted web stores either by a client’s employees or by other approved buyers for brand promotion, customer marketing and gifting. Global order distribution solutions are overseen by Brand Addition on behalf of its clients.

Brand Addition focuses on global corporate clients who require a full suite of capabilities, including account management, design, quality control, web stores, ethical sourcing and global distribution. Brand Addition funds the working capital requirement of these services and invoices clients at the point of despatch.

Brand Addition is the single or a preferred supplier to its clients, who use bespoke branded products which are gifted to customers alongside the purchase of the client’s retail products, to support one-off promotional activities.  

In a similar manner to Corporate Programmes, Brand Addition is responsible for the design and sampling of products for clients and it then sources the compliant, ethical and quality controlled global manufacturing of those products. Brand Addition sources the distribution of products to its clients' own networks, where they are then packaged alongside the client’s own retail goods to be gifted alongside the purchase.

Contracts with clients are negotiated on a framework basis and under these contracts Brand Addition will supply numerous campaigns each year.